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Maggio 2023

Italian artist Mrfijodor was in beautiful Mantua, Italy for this year’s Without Frontiers – Lunetta a Colori 2019 that this year has been hosting artists like mohamed L’Ghacham, Corn79, TemoMiel, Dado, Xena – Fatima de Juan, Mrfijodor and more. The event is curated by Simona Gavioli and Giulia Giliberti. The theme of this year’s festival is inspired by the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (ZAMM), by Robert M. Pirsig,

SUPER WALLS, PADOVA AND ABANO TERME (ITALY) - June 2021 Italy, 2021 - "CONSUMERISM CONSUMES US" is the last work of Mrfijodor realized during Super Walls - Street Art Biennial of Abano Terme and Padova 2021 (Veneto, Italy) - 5-20 June 2021. Mrfijodor painted on one of the main walls of ICS Briosco - a middle school in Padova - with a site-specific piece that fits in the urban context of Arcella, the most populous and

Turin, October 2018. 17 street artists are performing to reach 17 Global Goals before 2030. A breakthrough against the unsustainability of the current development model from an environmental but also economic and social point of view. Lavazza and the Municipality of Turin jointly promote this artistic project to spread United Nations’ “message”, consisting of 17 different Global Goals, commissioned to 17 street artists. The association IlCerchio E Le Gocce has entrusted Mrfijodor with Goal No. 14 – Life

Colorful Bike Tour is a creative residency involving the artists Mrfijodor, Collettivo FX and the documentary maker Michele Rossi "Krono Photo Filmmaking", as part of the #temporary inhabitants project curated by NATworking with dislivelli.eu, the Municipality of Inverso Pinasca and the Municipality of Saint -Marcel winner of the Creative Living Lab public tender - third edition, promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. Colorful Bike Tour è una residenza creativa

Mrfijodor's poetics, now clear and straightforward on issues of environmental awareness and social consciousness, was narrator of one of the Lower Valdarno's water storage facilities: on the occasion of Acque Spa's Rainbow Project to revalorize piezometric tanks. This gave rise to "Pipes, taps, mountains and water with some fishes": an intervention on the "Santa Croce 2" wall unit that Mrfijodor dedicated to the theme of water, its prevention and maintenance as a priceless and precious

"Gray Heron: The Good Immigrant" work by Mrfijodor created on the occasion of the second edition of Nichelino Lights Up Fest 2022  in Nichelino (TO) (for which we thank Fiodor Verzola, the Nichelino alderman, and Karim, artistic director). Mrfijodor continues a season full of new interventions with a work in the Piedmont region, home of the Ligurian artist for several years now. And just "home" is the concept investigated by Mrfijodor for "Gray Heron: the good